Our Pine Bark is composted on site to ensure quality and consistency.

Rows of Composting pine Bark

Potting Mixes

All our potting mixes are custom made on site to meet the specific needs of our individual customers. We will customer make any order from 3 cubic metres upward. Our primary ingredient is pine bark which we compost following our Quality endorsed processes to ensure an excellent product of consistent high quality. We also use other ingredients in our mixes such as sand, peat moss and humic peat. All mixes contain nitrogen, iron, iron sulphate and trace elements as standard and controlled release fertilizers can be included in all mixes.


Our custom mixes include:

 Seed Raising Mix

 Direct Strike Mix

 Tube Mix

 General Purpose Mix

 Native Mixes

 Mixes for Large Trees

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All our mix is available for collection ex-yard or if it is more convenient we can arrange for mix and fertilizers to be delivered to you by one of our approved subcontractors at a time that meets your requirements.


All mixes are given a final screening, to ensure thorough mixing, as they are loaded to the truck to be delivered to our customers.


We can also deliver mixes to you in Builders Bulk Bags which hold one cubic metre of mix, if you have the facilities to handle them.

Truck being loaded.

Potting mix is screened as it is loaded onto the truck.

NIASA LogoQuality LogoSpotswood Holdings LogoBulka Bags are an alternative form of delivery of potting mix.

Delivery of mix in Builders Bulk Bags can be arranged as an alternative to bulk deliveries.

Potting Mix